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Roller Blinds 
Fast 1 week manufacture time available if we have the fabric in stock

10% off Tasmanian custom made roller blinds. Fast delivery and  an extra 5% discount off stock fabrics. 

Mention the following promo code to our friendly staff: ACBstockfabric2024

Roller Blinds fast delivery 5 year Warranty

Tasmanian and Australian made fast direct from our factory

Express service available on in stock fabrics 

Keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter

Reduce the harmful fading effects of UV

Roller blinds are the most affordable way to cover your windows and they look great. Roller blinds are great for helping to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Sunfilter roller blinds are the most popular and affordable way of reducing the harmful fading effects of UV while still allowing you to see out.

Budgeting: If you are building, renovating or simply updating don't get caught out at the last minute having to rush in and purchase low quality poorly fitting ready made window coverings. If you are able try and allow in your budget for the cost of quality blinds, curtains, shutters or awnings. They will pay you back over time by protecting your investment in carpets, flooring and furniture while saving you on heating and cooling costs plus your home will look great and feel comfortable.

Scheduling: Ideally it helps to contact us around 4 to 6 weeks or as early as possible before the completion of your project to allow time for product and fabric choices and a site visit and check measure.

On a tight time schedule? please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.  

Visit our showroom and ask our friendly staff today for a demo on our quality locally manufactured roller blinds in fabrics from Shaw and Texstyle. We also use Wilson, Uniline and Louvolite fabrics. 

If you need blinds in a hurry we offer super fast express delivery on our in stock range of locally manufactured roller blinds. We supply and install with a complimentary measure and quote service to most areas and all of our blinds are custom made and installed by our professional installers.

Motorisation via Lithium rechargeable motors that give you up to 500 cycles between charges (No need to replace batteries. Simply plug in the charger for a couple of hours and you are ready to go again). Also available in electric 240V hard wired model. Home Automation. You can now control your blinds 24/7 from any location via a mobile app and Pulse 2 hub. Also compatible with Alexa and Google home for voice control.

Call us today to arrange a free measure and quote.

Big blinds are our speciality. If you think that your window is too big for a blind or the others tell you it cant be done be sure to check with us. We make blinds as small as 200mm wide and have made blinds over 4mts wide.

For shift workers, children, home theatres or anyone who likes a super dark room we have Tasmanian made Cassette and side channel roller blinds or Australian made Ziptrak® interior for complete block out.

Double roller blinds give great insulation and climate control. Paired with motorisation and a Pulse 2 smart hub you can set timers to control the climate in your home. Keep you home snuggly warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. 

The Acmeda Aero Roller Blinds and Easy Spring Air Roller Blinds are amazing new chain free child safe options. The Aero system operates by a simple tug of the base rail and the blind rolls up and stops at its top limit. The Easy Spring Air is a balanced chain free system that allows you to raise and lower the blind to any desired position. The blind will not move unless you gently push up or pull down on the base rail. For tall widows there is a pull stick available to assist in the operation of the blind. The Aero and Easy Spring systems are available as a dual or single blinds in day/night block out and sun filter fabrics. 

Buy our quality roller blinds online at 


Decided on what products you want or have any questions? Head to our contact page or use the info below to contact our friendly staff.

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