Honeycomb blind in translucent fabric an
Translucent top down bottom up Honeycomb blind

Honeycomb Blinds Hobart & Launceston Custom made in Tasmania

Honeycomb Blinds 

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 Made in Tasmania

Honeycomb Blinds save you $$$ off your heating and cooling bills and make your home more comfortable and enjoyable.
Invest in Honeycomb Blinds Hobart to save $$$ and make your home cosy and comfortable.
Honeycomb Blinds unique cell design traps air and insulates against heat and sound and cold.
Affordable Honeycomb Blinds with smooth effortless child safe cordless operation
Honey Comb Blinds quality Tasmanian made
Honeycomb blinds come in a range of cell sizes.
Honeycomb Blinds. Choose from the clever design options with new cordless lift and lock a new popular option.
Honeycomb Blinds are made from robust Corespun Polyester with options of sheer,translucent and block out.
Honeycomb blinds with motorisation from battery powered to plug in transformer. Operate via remote control.