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Awnings and shutters Australian made fast delivery

With our high UV levels, Tassie homes with unprotected windows can quickly overheat and become uncomfortable to live in and your new carpets flooring and furniture can quickly fade. Double glazing is great for stopping the temperature of warm or cold air transferring from the outside into your home and also is great at trapping the heat inside your home but double glazing doesn't stop all of the UV rays from coming thru the glass. In Tasmania the high UV levels and not the ambient air temperature is the main cause of our homes overheating in the warmer months. 

That's where Awnings blinds curtains and shutters can come to the rescue. 

External Awnings and Shutters are a great solution if you need to keep your home cool and comfortable and reduce fading.  Some models will also have the added benefit of helping to keep your home warmer in the winter. Folding arm, Straight drop wire guide, drop arm, Automatic, Zipscreen and Ziptrak® are some of the many models available. We use well known brands and fabrics including Brella, Dickson, Docril and Mode Outlook. All of our awnings and shutters are Australian made quality. Our experienced staff will discuss your needs and suggest the model that best fits your home. Motorisation has become extremely affordable and reliable and wind and sun sensors are available to enable simple easy operation. New Super fast 3 day manufacture times on Ozroll roller shutters. Roller Shutters give you excellent light and sound control plus the foam filled slats give excellent insulation in Summer and Winter. All of our roller shutters come motorised powered by rechargeable battery and the operation of the roller shutter is as simple as the push of a button on the wall control. See our brochures below.

Decided on what products you want or have any questions? Head to our contact page or use the info below to contact our friendly staff.

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